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About Lifeideas

We are custom software and mobile application development company that provide intelligent solution to address evolving market challenges. Our ideology is to design and deliver practical business applications and softwares that meet your enterprise needs.
Web apps Development

We provide advanced web application services using the most innovative business software solutions.  Drawing upon extensive UI/UX design and front-end development expertise, we deliver finest web app that are simple yet effective. We mainly work on cloud  environments like AWS, Appengine or Standard hosting providers.

Mobile apps Development

We are experts in creating the most unique mobile apps, in Android as well as iOS. Our expert teams of mobile app design and creators work in perfect cohesion to make the best mobile apps for business.

What We Do

Life Ideas Inc. is a complete one stop software and mobile application development company that deploy proven methods for significant organisation growth and increased business value. Life Ideas Inc. aims to provide the best business software solutions to enable our clients to run their ventures smoothly and with increased efficiency. Our experts help you to realize your idea into reality through extensive brainstorming in planning and executing the ideal online business solution for you.

Our Values

Our values drive us to be better every day
Client’s success is our benchmark
We believe in adding a personalized touch to every project. This gives a unique edge to our client for success in their business ventures which eventually measures our highest level of expertise in providing effective business software solutions.
Build proud products
We maintain the highest quality standards in every project to ensure that the end-result is completely satisfactory to the client and exceeds their expectations even. We are strict in exemplifying quality through the efficiency and convenience of our web and mobile apps services.

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Excellence in teamwork
We have the most extensively-trained web app developers and mobile app designers on board. They are members of separate teams which are dedicated to the various aspects of web software development and mobile app development. The perfect coordination between the team members ensures that the project is perfect in all aspects.
Fast learning, faster application
We believe that the growth process basically starts with the learning process. We are always eager to learn the latest in web app and mobile app development technology and techniques which can then be used to create some of the most unique and efficient business software solutions.
Be real
We believe in being realistic in every aspect of the project. Our expert web developers and mobile app designers will work in tandem with you to advise you about the realistic aspects of the project at every step of the way. Being realistic helps us, and the client, to be ready for every eventuality in the changing market trends.
Building Trusting Associations
Our end-goal is to build strong business relations with each client. This is to ensure that the client gets the most efficient web development and mobile app development services for a long time. Building trusting relationships has helped us earn hundreds of satisfied clients till date.






We are a fully-accomplished bespoke software and mobile application development company with huge expertise in providing all types of corporate and business solutions. From an innovative venture we have steadily grown due to our high- tech solutions and ultimate customer satisfaction.

Selected Clients


  • “I am extremely contented with the efficiency of Life Ideas Inc. in completing my project. The end result is highly satisfactory and has been showing remarkable results already.”
  • “Life Ideas Inc. has been a choice for the best web development company for us as they have been periodically monitoring changes and maintaining the higher quality of the mobile app. The mobile app is simple yet competent. It has tremendously helped us make a mark in the industry.”
    Sunil Bajaj
    Ex. Director Bajaj Steel Industries Ltd.
  • “I would always choose Life Ideas Inc. to be my web business software developer because they have always delivered flawlessly on their promise. The team is quick and flexible in approach so don’t hesitate to hire them.”
    Amol Chaknalwar
    Director, Treat Ice Cream


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