Cloud Computing

Life Ideas Inc. is the leading cloud computing services provider in India. We offer all types of cloud computing to our clients to accommodate their individual cloud computing needs. Our  expert cloud computing specialists on board design the best server space for your commercial cloud computing requirements.

Our client computing services provide immediate CRM, data storage, cloud computing and database services that save the client significant capital and IT resources and allows for more efficient cost-to-usage ratio. This also serves to enhance the client’s business to become more agile and manage expenses more effectively. We  provide most  affordable cloud hosting services to help the client become more efficient with simplified use of business application. We also provides complete data storing, sharing, security and protecting of content as well as enabling faster access to the data from anywhere in the world.

Life Ideas Inc. provides cloud technology services that use server and storage virtualization extensively for allocating and relocating data resources fast. Our efficient cloud computing services are pooled and shared between multiple users simultaneously at varying locations across the globe.

Life Ideas Inc. is best known for providing the most diverse types of cloud computing services such as SaaS (Software as a Service) which allows users to get the most advanced software over a public server. Our IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) offer the best in computing, storing and networking of content and data resources through the internet which allows the users to easily own and manage operating systems, applications as well as information from the infrastructure of the client and can be rented out on a regular basis. Our PaaS (Platform as a Service) products allow efficient software and hardware needed to create and manage cloud-based application provided by Life Ideas Inc..

Life Ideas Inc. cloud hosting allows clients to access data via a reliable internet connection using a variety of web-enabled devices such as computer, tablets, smart phones and laptops. Our cloud hosting services allow clients elasticity in scaling the processing up or down  your operation  and storage needs according to the requirement at the time. We have the most effective cloud computing and cloud storage services in the region. ur cloud computing services are beneficial to our clients through quicker use of time and resources, flexibility in accessing information from anywhere in the world, faster scalability to meet the demand, using the infrastructure investments in the most efficient manner, lowering the cost of infrastructure and on-board facilities usage, improving IT staff productivity and ultimately advancing the protection and security of the data and content.

Life Ideas Inc. is best-suited for large companies as well as smaller business ventures and entrepreneurs with a vast storage capacity in its cloud servers. We have caused the digital transformation of many known brands and companies which have benefitted significantly with the advanced cloud hosting services provided by us.